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Glow Gift Set

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Complete set for Pigmentation / Dullness / Blemishes / Uneven Skin tone 

Cleanser Wash 210ml – Liquid cleansing soap to be used with water, it deeply cleanses skin while hydrating and forming a protective layer  over the skin. Perfect for All skin types especially dehydrated.

AHA Preparation Lotion 210ml – THIS IS A MINI PEEL PRODUCT YOU CAN USE AT HOME 5% AHA – Lactic acid 3%, Glycolic acid 2% Resurfacing, brightening, evens skin tone, reduces pigmentation, allows for faster penetration of active ingredients in your serum, moisturiser, mask etc. To be used as a toner after cleansing.

**SPF must be used with this product**

**Not suitable for use during pregnancy**

White Argile Mask 10ml – Cleansing facial mask with white clay for skin with discolouration problems. It removes residue and excess sebum from skin resulting in an even skin tone, brightness and glow.  Containing Asyntra  for immediate effects on skin tone regulation and Calmosensine reducing wrinkle contraction for a smooth finish.

*Apply a thick layer to cleansed skin for 15mins and remove with warm water 2 – 3 times per week*

Brightening Serum 20ml – A concentrated serum offering brightness and glow suitable for skin with pigmentation and spots. It improves the appearance of the skin and offers an even skin tone whilst preventing further discolouration.

Brightening Cream 50ml –  A cream that offers brightness and glow to skin with pigmentation problems and spots. It moisturises, illuminates and offers an even skin tone. It can be used all day and for preventative care. Contains SPF 10.

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