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Hydra Repairing Cream



All skins / anti-wrinkle / damaged skin / post-peel / skin barrier damage / sensitized skin

This Moisturizer is not only anti-wrinkle but also hydrating and repairing. Matixyl 3000 reduces wrinkle volume density and depth. Bifidus bacterium and milk proteins are ingredients which help restore the hydrolipid layer and reinforce cell structure keeping the skin’s moisture levels high and the skin develops a fresh supple texture.

This cream is perfect for you if your skin is irritated, red, tight, sensitized by your envoirnment ( harsh weather conditions, outdoor work, smoking, air-conditioning, sun exposure etc..) using incorrect skincare or harsh products, have skin injury or damaged tissue i.e Acne scarring or recovery from skin peeling treatments.

*Apply a small amount to face and neck twice daily

* For best results use with Hydra Repairing Serum



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