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Micro Roller 200 Needles With Serum


200 stainless steel needles for facial use with needle length of 0.25mm. Micro needles that penetrate skin, creating small pathways in the epidermis. They are developed with the aim to increase the trans-epidermal absorption of various active components of serums.

Instructions for use:
  • Cleanse the skin thoroughly and apply desired serum.
  • Immobilize skin with one hand and apply Micro roller with the other hand with a continuous horizontal, vertical and diagonal movement (4 times to every direction), in order to obtain a uniform distribution of pathways and product absorption. When you reach the border of the application area, gently lift the device and use it towards the opposite and slightly oblique direction, etc.
  • For a safe result, do not apply excessive pressure vertically to avoid lacerations.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of Calming Bliss & Repair Gel.



  • Do not use on irritated skin, in cases of skin infections, acne, moles, keloids, wounds, rosacea, blood coagulation disorders and problems, malignancies, fever, diabetes mellitus, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy, lactation.



  • Microroller is strictly personal and must be used on only one person.
  • Microroller must be cleaned with sanitizer after each use and air dried.
  • After the Microneedling procedure, it is recommended to avoid ultraviolet radiation (UV) exposure, sauna use and steam baths, as well as the use of makeup for 24 hours.
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