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The Knotty Brush Duo


Comes with complimentary Big Feckin Comb!

The Knotty Brush

Is a dual bristle brush. The shorter bristle is for shine. This bristle evenly distributes your natural oils down along your hair shaft.

The longer bristle is purposely very soft and flexible so it can move through your hair without causing friction and damage.

Tiny smooth touch tips gently massage scalp.

The Abs body of the brush is designed to be light weight and flexible so it can gently move with your hair with ease detangling and smoothing all in a few passes through your hair.

Everyone can use the Knotty brush as it’s been designed with a gentle approach to brushing and detangling.

Its large curved shape covers your whole head in three sweeps. Unless you have a really big head

Can be used on damp hair and dry hair. Reduces damage and over stretching of your hair.


The Big Feckin Comb

-Handy hook for hanging in shower

-wide teeth detangles hair gently

-Gently massages scalp and improves circulation

-lovely for defining out curly blow-dry or wand curls

-its pink!

Suitable for:

Hair extensions, our brush will glide over bonds without pulling.

Human hair Wigs

Kids with knotty hair

Adults with knotty hair

Fine hair that tangles easy

Damaged or broken hair

Suitable for all hair lengths

Great for brushing out wand curls and curly blow-dries gives very bouncy lush finish

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