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Chronos Antiage Gift Set


Postpone your Appointment with FIllers!

Chronos is the spectacular Anti -filler line dedicated to wrinkle filling. Worth €229, SAVING €80 this set contains;

CHRONOS HYDRA CORRECT SERUM 30ML The mother of all Hyaluronic Acid serums with 6 levels of HA for deeper firmer plumping hydration throughout the day. Matrixyl 3000 reduces wrinkle size volume density and depth by 70%. This serum transforms Type I collagen (aging skin) back to Type III collagen (young skins) giving a plump radiant appearance.

CHRONOS HYDRA CORRECT CREAM 50ML This award winning moisturiser packed full of award winning Active ingredients fights and reduces wrinkle formation by 70%. This collagen stimulating cream also fights Glycation (wrinkles caused by sugar), uses apple stem cells to delay cellular ageing and uses new Cosmetic Drones to deliver hydration, radiance, firmness and vitality.

Exfo cleansing Gel 100ml – A cleansing, exfoliating and refreshing face gel for all skin types. This product effectively removes dirt and the skins dead cells without causing irritation and simulatneously prevents the appearance of first wrinkles, leaving the skin soft and smooth.


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