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Sensitive Gift Set

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Complete set for Sensitive / Redness / Rosacea / Irritated skins

Sensitive Cleansing Gel 210ml  – Innovative cleansing gel removes oil, dirt and make-up without irritating the skin. Osmopure protects the skins cells from daily irritants like smoke and pollution.

Cleansing Tonic Lotion 210ml  – Alcohol free cleansing toner that moisturises, revitalizes and firms skin. It is rich in softening, anti-oxident and hypoallergenic agents chamomile and Vitamin F

Vitamin B Complex Serum 20ml – Moisturising serum for relieving skin irritation and erythema. A cocktail serum of the vitamin B complex with strong anti-oxidant action. The multi B complex reduces redness and red spots.

Hydra Calming Cream 50ml – Mild 24hr soothing, hydrating cream with Panthenol, Aloe and Grape Polyphenols. It reduces skin irritations and redness and enhances the natural defence of the skin. It restores skins barrier and relieves Rosacea

Azuline Calming Mask 10ml –  Soothing facial mask with calming action. Ideal for sensitive and irritated skins. This clay mask contains special chamomile extract, heals micro-injuries and helps relieve inflammation.

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