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HandBag Hero


Handbag Heroes will take you from day to night, contains the famous gold wave comb and the new mini brush.

The Knotty Brush Óg 

The Mini brush is designed for all hair types.

It’s also designed with extensions in mind. A large part of hair extension maintenance is keeping the bonds separated and preventing the hair around the bonds from tangling and causing matting> The Mini brush is perfect for getting in around the bonds.

Mixed bristles are best for detangling and promoting shine.

The Benefits to a Big Feckin Comb

For beautiful feckin waves !

This comb was designed to turn your curls from drab to fab!

Conical tips and a very unique shaped  teeth separate your curls, giving a much more softened and lived in boho curl or defining a glam Hollywood curl.

A must for every girls handbag on a night out. Did we mention its GOLD!

>> Pouches come in Blush Pink, Burgundy Red and Slate Grey

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